Applications by Karl Klink

Broaching tools give internal and external surfaces a profiled shape in a single work operation. In principle, all workpieces that display a constant profile cross section in the cutting direction can be broached. Broaching as a manufacturing process is mainly used where it is necessary to make difficult profiles in outer or inner surfaces with a high surface quality and dimensional accuracy. Since the process involved means that the tools used are very expensive single-purpose tools, broaching is mainly used in series production involving large quantities.

In the 1970s, broaching was a typical manufacturing process for final machining. Nowadays it is found in almost all stages of production. Its application versatility has increased enormously thanks to the innovative application technology and the wide-ranging production possibilities of the tools. However, the most frequent and at the same time most demanding broaching applications are in the field of drive technology. Broaching is one of the most important production processes in, for example, the manufacture of interlocking transfer elements such as gear wheels and shaft/hub connections (annual requirement more than 400 million units).