Contract Broaching by Karl Klink

Wherever it is not (or is not yet) economically viable for a customer to buy their own broaching machine, collaborating with our contract broaching department is one option. State-of-the-art machine technology and process technology, experienced personnel and of course expert, competent consultation are all included in the price. In many cases, this is the more sensible economic solution.

For contract broaching, we have available broaching machines with a broaching force of up to 1000 kN and a maximum broaching stroke of 2,800 mm. Thanks to the latest machine technology, we are also able to offer dry broaching, hard broaching and helical broaching.
We are set up for both very small-series and large-series contract broaching.
If the customer is interested, we can also offer the operations upstream and downstream of broaching, right through to complete production of your workpieces.

Stock List

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