Broaching Tool Technology by Karl Klink

Broaching tools are multi-toothed tools on which there are geometrically defined cutting edges arranged one behind the other, graduated by one cutting thickness each time. We distinguish here between surface and internal broaching tools. Comparable process parameters apply to both. For example, the broaching speeds for green machining applications are between 2 and 20 m/min. With materials that are easy to cut and using a suitable coolant and optimum tools, it is possible to achieve tool life of up to 300 m.

New tool technologies allow broaching without the use of coolant. Comparable tool lives are possible with this dry broaching method. Much higher outputs can be achieved thanks to the higher broaching speed in dry machining of approximately 25 m/min. Coated hard metal tools are used for broaching hardened workpieces. Broaching speeds of > 60 m/min are required for hard broaching. In optimised processes, tool life is significantly > 1,000 m.

In terms of tool use, we differentiate between internal broaching tools and surface broaching tools.