Special broaching machines from Karl Klink

Special broaching machines are characterized by their special design and optimization for particular broaching applications.

In doing so, a particular workpiece family (for ex. turbine disks), the use of special broaching tools (for ex. pot broaching tools), the particularly rational application of a process for ex. from surface broaching on chain broaching machines or the optimized integration in an interlinked production system can be significant.

When the external profile is on the complete circumference of the workpiece, for ex. external teeth broached on a synchronizing ring, pot broaching tools are used. These tools require special pot broaching machines in which a push bar with a clamped workpiece runs from bottom to top through the fixed pot with the mounted broaching tools whereas the bar is tightly guided within the pot.

This design is a combination of internal and pot broaching machine for the complete machining of internal and external teeth.

Chain broaching machines are special machines for continuous external broaching with very high productivity.

Turbine broaching machines are broaching machines for the special field of external broaching of Christmas tree profiles in turbine disks.

When the workpiece geometry does not allow to broach through the workpiece, the tool can be divided in short single segments and as many single operations. This special internal broaching process is called blind hole broaching.

A broaching machine integrated in a transfer line is called broaching unit.

These plants integrate different machining operations such as turning, drilling, milling, threading and finally broaching.

A broaching line is basically an automatized chain of broaching machines machining single broaching operations on to the same workpiece.