Successful examination of our trainees 2018

Outside picture from the left: training manager Helmut Wankmüller, Ibrahim Altintas, Nick Teplyuk, Melanie Scheiding, Jessica Pflüger, Alexander Wolf, general manager Uwe Rautzenberg

Trainee examination passed 2018-3Trainee examination passed 2018-3
Trainee examination passed 2018-4Trainee examination passed 2018-4

Visit of County President and Mayoress

Visit at Karl Klink in Niefern-Öschelbronn: County President Bastian Rosenau’s briefing about the broaching technique!

Visit District Administrator and MayoressVisit District Administrator and Mayoress

NIEFERN-ÖSCHELBRONN/ENZ COUNTY. The County President was accompanied by mayoress Birgit Förster, Prof. Ulrich Jautz, director of the University of Pforzheim, Jochen Protzer, CEO of the Business Development Northern Black Forest (WFG), Sylvia Storzer from the Jobcenter and by the Commissary of Economy of the Enz County, Jochen Enke.

The new CEO Uwe Rautzenberg welcomed the visitors. The company Karl Klink GmbH, which is active in the field of broaching technique since more than 100 years, has 200 employees today. “The broaching technique is still a niche technology” said Rautzenberg. “We, at Karl Klink operate in the high-end sector; our products are high quality and sold all over the world. We are leader in quality and innovation.”

These points were also underlined by production manager Frank Brecht during the visit of the production shops.
The machines are developed, manufactured, tested, disassembled, reassembled at the customer’s place and tested again. The visitors were explained how Karl Klink grew with the automotive sector, which is still today the main selling market.

Training Fair "Beruf Aktuell 2019"

On Saturday February 2, 2019, sleep late was out of the question for many young people from the region. Instead, they took the chance to frame their professional future. In total, around 7000 persons visited the Training and Studies fair “Beruf Aktuell” at the CongressCentrum Pforzheim and at the Jahnhalle and got information from the 208 booths about different professions.

Training fair 2019-2Training fair 2019-2
Training fair 2019-1Training fair 2019-1